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Sweet ColourJack Hardwicke 
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Autumn Dewilde
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Sembene McFarland“Black / African American” © Noelle Théard for (1)ne Drop
This is part of that (1)ne Drop photo documentary (the video about it is on my blog). Definitely one of the most powerful images in the group. (And this is obvious evidence of why I was so intrigued…)
This is a quote from the girl in the picture that they share on the website:

“A lot of people just look and see skin color. I’ve actually had people ask me was I Black or was I White first.  A White gentleman came up to me and said ‘I thought you might be White, but then I saw your lips.’ One girl said to me ‘I’ve been wanting to ask you this question, but I didn’t feel comfortable asking you because I thought that you might be offended, but are you Black or are you White?’ And I was just like, ‘Well, I’m always Black.’ When we were done with the meat of the conversation, she laughed and said something about my hair and my butt gave it away. People definitely let you know that they view being Black as being very literal – the amount of pigment you have. ‘Your skin is White, therefore you’re White. Or are you?’ 
-Sembene McFarland
© 2012 Black Fiya Works
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Cat Power
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Jessica Lange in triptych, Paris, 1974. Photos by Antonio Lopez.
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my entire life: what the fuck is happening
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“Beware of Haters” on Flickr.
Via Flickr: 10 x 10 - 08.16.11 Follow: Twitter / Tumblr / Facebook
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Azealia Banks
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Flora Sway II by Jake Evans  
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Francesco Millefiori